Fund-Raising Projects

In addition to receiving donations CARE may, as a registered Charity and an IPC, with the approval of the Commissioner of Charities, carry out fund-raising projects.

Each fund-raising projects shall be subject to its own approved conditions. These are normally one-off activities. The conditions may include the nature of the activity, eg flag day, house-to-house collection, etc, locations, the date or dates, the authorised collectors, and the purposes of the fund-raising, among others.

For fund-raising projects, IPCs are subject to the 30/70 Rule. In other words, fund-raising expenditure must be less than 30% of the gross collections raised.

CARE has not yet launched any fund-raising project, but may do so in future. Details will be announced here.

We invite you to check this page regularly, and support our fund-raising projects.

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