What is Our Catholic Response?

What is Jesus Saying to You?

Christ commanded: “You shall love your neighbour as yourself” ~ Matthew 22-39

Moved by the sufferings of the diseased, poor and outcasts of society,
He cured, fed, embraced and lived amongst them.
Beyond the physical healing,
He restored their dignity as persons made in God’s image and loved by Him.

He freed them with love, acceptance and forgiveness.
He spoke against discrimination and judgement.

What is Your Response?

Therefore, are you, as a Catholic, ready to:

1. Prevent the spread of HIV by –

  • Practising abstinence

    Being faithful to your spouse

    Preserving God’s gift of sex within the sanctity of marriage

    Teaching and advocating chastity and good moral values with loved ones – especially the young.


2. Act and speak in support of PLWHAs and against labelling and discrimination.

3. Provide support, show compassion and accept them as dignified persons by –

  • Providing social interaction – a listening ear, a friendly gesture like a touch or sharing a meal. You cannot be infected in these ways.

    Dispelling your own fears. Understand how HIV is transmitted, how it can be prevented, managed and treated.

    Volunteering your time to serve PLWHAs at the Catholic AIDS Response Effort or similar organisations.


4. Pray for them and with them.

  • Remember them in our prayers

    Actively engage them in prayers


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