Being a Volunteer

Volunteers are an important human resource to our Charity and the people we serve. They may participate both on an on-going basis and/or an episodic basis. For the moment, Volunteer services are provided mainly by individuals. But help may be mobilised through corporate and institutional project groups, as well as through support provided by other care-giving organisations. Dedicated and experienced Volunteers are invited to become Members. Currently, we have 23 Members and 20 active Volunteers.

As our needs increases and our advocacy and outreach programmes grow, we can succeed only to the extent that we effectively and successfully engage Volunteers to join our ranks. We depend on them to bring on board their skills and expertise to serve with love and compassion.

Some Benefits of Being a CARE Volunteer

  • Free training.
  • Invitation to attend workshops, seminars, events etc not only of CARE but of the whole associated social service community.
  • Personal fulfillment and character building.
  • Learn to stand up for PLWHAS with support from CARE.
  • Enhancement of personal portfolio.
  • Latest news and updates about CARE and HIV/AIDs.
  • Invitation to serve as CARE Member, with higher levels of responsibility.

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