Types of Donation

Firstly, let us say we welcome donations of any amount. Every cent counts; every cent enables more good work to be done.

There are a number of ways of donating:

  1.  General Donation –  This is a donation made without designation of a purpose, to support the general expenses of CARE. Such donations may be on-off or on a regular basis
  1. Designated Donation (One-Off) – This a donation made specifying a purpose, usually a one-off capital purchase such as of a van, equipment for a training centre, etc.
  1. Designated Donation (Project) – This is a donation made specifically in support of a project of a major scale and usually stretching over a period.  Examples of this would be financing renovation of our new premises, setting up an on-going fund to purchase medicines or a fund to finance the rehabilitation expenses of PLWHAs.

In the case of 3 above, and in the case of 2 where appropriate, we shall enter into an agreement with the donor and manage the fund(s) as provided for in Regulation 11 of our Financial Regulations, 2009, viz:

“11. The Management Committee may establish one or more Designated Funds to hold monies made available by donors for specific purposes. These funds may be ad hoc and/or operate on an on-going basis. The Management Committee shall be responsible for the deployment and disbursements of these funds in accordance with the purposes of the donations and for accounting the same to the donors.”

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