Welcome to CARE Online

Message from Ms Jacinta Rajoo

Dear Reader

Thank you for visiting our website. Catholic AIDS Response Effort (CARE) is a Voluntary Welfare Organisation and a charity started in 1992. We are dedicated to helping People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs).

CARE operates with a small number of full time staff and a management board made of volunteers. Volunteers too are our main source of support for organising activities and assisting in the care and well being of PLWHAs.

CARE is blessed to receive funding from CARITAS Singapore for our activities. In addition, donations from well wishers and supporters has enabled us to continue doing the work we do for PLWHAs. All donations to CARE are tax exempt due to our IPC status.

CARE provides a shelter for male PLWHAs who are homeless. We also run other support programmes for non-residents catering to their pastoral needs, providing food rations, transportation allowance for children living with parents who have HIV/AIDs.

We are additionally committed to carrying out outreach and advocacy programmes. Our objective is to bring about greater understanding and compassion for them by the community, including families and employers. Their future lies in re-joining the community.

We thank you for visiting our website and do hope that you find the information you need on our purpose and activities. If you’d like to contribute either in monetary terms or by offering your time, do contact us.

We trust that you will pray for CARE, its staff, board members, volunteers and most importantly its beneficiaries.

God Bless